I am happy here! I don’t wanna move out!

Last night I got a 90 day notice to move out of my apartment, as the owner is selling my apartment.
I thought of it as very sudden and also unfair. I was expecting to renew the lease upon completion of one year.
A colleauge put me at ease by helping me find the clause in the rental law that states how after my lease ends
I need at least one year’s notice in the event of them selling the apartment.
So relieved now.
It sucks going through little fits of panic on my own.

Being grown up is so much admin and paperwork and being strong and fighting unfair treatment.
I am pretty sure it is easier when you have someone to share these dramas with.

I have been very quiet with the writing as I have been preoccupied with work and planning my first trip home(!), which I will write about soon I promise. I just got back.

***Thank the Lord for good  colleagues who know a lot of stuff

***And for good friends who are there when I need to moan.



Don’t kidnap my brother!

This week hasn’t been easy for me, and I haven’t even been able to tell my friends because I get so upset that I can’t function. I have only told my boss and a few close friends and and everytime I cry.
I am in the UAE and my brother is in Cape Town, South Africa. 9 hours flight apart.

I was at work when I got a message from my mom saying only the basic “your brother got kidnapped, robbed but he is okay”
I sat there looking at my phone in disbelief and then tried to fight the tears that were soon to come.
Thinking about what possibly could have happened to him, how he must feel, and the fact that I am too far away to comfort him was too much for me to handle.
I asked my colleague to go outside with me and he was there to calm me down while I phoned my mom asking for more information – what happened and where is he? I was continuously crying.
She didn’t have much information, only told me that I don’t need to worry.
“What do you mean I don’t need to worry?”
I had so many questions. Where is he? How long? Who is with him? I had no answers, my mom only spoke to his flatmate and later to his boss.
They said that it wasn’t really a kidnapping, just robbery and that we really don’t need to worry.
I checked my brother’s Facebook and saw his status only briefly describing what my mother had already told me.
I only heard what really happened early the next morning. My brother posted a follow up comment to the incident on that same Facebook status.
He had left for work with a female friend and got into a taxi. They were the only two in the taxi except for the driver and his assistant. The taxi didn’t stop to pick anyone else up and also didn’t take them to where they had asked to go.
They drove all the way to a township (an informal urban settlement in South Africa) called Philippi and were told to hand over all their valuables or they will get shot. They were dropped off in Philippi and were told not to look at the vehicle as it drove off. To me, this is kidnapping.
Getting taken somewhere you do not want to go, plus getting robbed and threatened and then left to fend for yourself in a dangerous area with no phone or money.
I am so angry, so shocked, so worried but also so relieved that nothing else happened. I have read and heard so many horrifying stories, and I am so grateful that my brother walked away with his life, unharmed, even getting his things back.
There was a girl with him. Unharmed.
My smartass brother got the licenseplate number of the taxi, filed a case and the guys are now locked up. Well done little ginger bro.
That is all the information I have and I am still waiting for my brother to let me know when I can contact him. He got his phone back but it is blocked.
I am so proud of him after all he has been through and how he faced this so calmly.
I want my whole family to be safe – it is not easy being in a country so far away and feel so helpless.
I have heard stories from two friends, and how similar things has happened to their younger brothers in SA and my boss had an even worse story to tell. So knowing how common it is for things like this to happen back home sort of makes me glad that I am here in Dubai now, and that I am able to walk at night (in JLT) on my own without that continuous paranoia urging me to look behind me, out of fear of being robbed or followed. I am safe here, and it is funny how I still can’t grasp that understanding of such safeness.

I will post more as soon as I can talk to my brother.



My colleagues at my first job would never talk about what they earned, and no one asked, it was also against the company policy to discuss remuneration.

I never knew if I was earning a reasonably good salary for my job description or my  level of skill.

I have always been curious about how much the managers were earning. Why? Because I wanted to know if it is really worth it, if it is worth the extra hours and stress and sacrifice. With it being my very first job after graduation, I was working so hard, and had no idea about industry standard salaries. But I suppose that is how you start off, with a “basic starting salary” and as you grow in your career and become more senior, the salary adapts itself. Especially when you switch jobs, it normally increases.

“I just wonder if being less secretive about money and budgeting in terms of lifestyle wouldn’t help us to understand as a society what people can afford and how they make it happen…and help with our tendency to try to keep up with the Jones’.

As long as you don’t judge someone based on their money situation, or brag about your finances…an open discussion between friends, etc should be acceptable.”

I got this from a yahoo forum. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070207005323AASoYgt

So no, I don’t believe it is always impolite to talk about finances. In the correct company, and at the correct time, I do believe it is healthy to talk about finances. But also between people you trust, for their advice and their confidentiality.

There are definitely times that it is unnecessary or bad taste to start that conversation.

Here are some of the rules that I enjoyed reading: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505144_162-37043018/money-and-manners-are-you-offensive/

I also want to write a little about the issues I have had with entering a new country and the challenges I have come across with a new currency:

Upon arriving in Dubai, I was too tired to even worry about drawing cash at the airport. I wish I had the energy to get a traveler’s cheque or a currency card from my bank at home before I left but it was so much effort! They required that you order Dirhams a week before the time and I only had two days…

So I arrived at the hotel and had no cash, only my Visa cards from home and didn’t know that they would work at these ATMs.

I asked our HR department where I could get cash from the next day and they gave me some cash to use for food and entertainment while I stay in the hotel.

I looked at the 1000 Dirhams note in my hand (plus a few more smaller notes) and had no clue how much that was worth in terms of food/clothing/transport in Dubai.

I used it for some groceries and got change for the large note.

I then learned that my Visa cards do work at the ATM’s but only needed them until I got my first salary payment at the end of the month.

Back in South Africa our largest note was a R200 and those were lovely to see, they had a beautiful leopard printed on it. Until they changed the notes about a year ago so all the notes would have the same picture of Nelson Mandela on it, but still be different colours.

Here in Dubai we have 5 Dirham notes! And only three commonly used types of silver coins:

1Dirham, 50 Fils and 25 Fils. It makes it so much easier and wallets much lighter.

There are (apparently) smaller value coins, but I have never seen them and they don’t get used. (1, 5, 10 Fils)

In Dubai we have:

Fire Dirhams – Brown note

Ten Dirhams – Green note

Twenty Dirhams – Turquoise note

Fifty Dirhams – Purple

Hundred – Red/Pink

Two hundred – Orange

Five hundred – Blue

One Thousand – Brown

You will easily end up with a thousand Dh note if you draw that much from the ATM.

And you don’t want to try and pay for milk with that!! It is not always so easy to get change for those.

If you want to convert it back to your currency to see how much a One Thousand Dirham note is worth, try using this converter from http://www.travelexae.com

Some interesting facts:

  • Shops in the larger shopping centers may accept some foreign currencies. Usually other Gulf (GCC) currencies, US dollars, Euros, and British pounds).

  • Up until the mid-1960s, the Indian rupee was used in the UAE, before being replaced with the UAE dirham. You will occasionally hear older residents talk about “rupees” in place of “dirhams”.

More very interesting facts:

Bottled water is: Dh2 per 500ml bottle (Arwa mineral water)

Petrol is: Dh.1.72 per litre

Diesel is: Dh.3.50 per litre

A glass of wine is: 60 Dhs

My pair of Zara jeans was: 55 Dhs

So clothes are cheaper, wine is way too expensive, fuel is cheaper.

I learnt about that on the day I bought the Zara Jeans, that evening I went out and paid more for one glass of wine than I had for the jeans.

It was a very good glass of wine from South Africa, but it is still the average price we pay for wine here! If I save that and take it back home, it would be R160 for one glass of Chardonnay. It doesn’t taste so good now does it?

The UAE dirham is pegged to the US dollar with the rate fixed at Dh3.67 = US$1.00 (or 1 UAE dirham = 0.273 US dollars).

We shouldn’t keep converting it back to our home currency, as I am living here now for at least a few years, so I got to get used to the price of things here.

I wonder what it is like to travel a lot and use a lot of different currencies? It would really confuse me in the beginning, especially when you can’t remember the value of certain colour notes’ and if the writing is in a language you do not understand.  Here in Dubai I had to organise my wallet with the english side of the note facing the front and also arranged them from large to smallest notes in the front.

I still put them in that order, I am a neat freak like that 🙂

So that’s my two cents worth on the topic of money and manners.

Keep well.

“I lost my number, can I have yours?”

Yes, that pick-up line has actually worked on me, because I thought it was hilarious. And I like people who have a sense of humour. That was quite some time ago though. The dynamic has changed.

Lately I have had a different experience to “being picked up”. I think guys are more scared of rejection than ever before. You know what they do now? They hand you their business card. THAT’S IT. They don’t even say “call me”. You just get the card.


It’s happened three times now here in Dubai, and oh please, I do NOT phone guys first if I am interested in them. So the business card gets put on a little pile on my bookshelf, along with the colleagues and business acquaintances and no one I would ever call. Or WhatsApp or message, or email or FB.

That’s if I even take the card.

Sometimes I take it, quickly scan the information on it, make a sound similar to a high pitched “hm” and then hand it back to him. I mean he was only showing it to me wasn’t he?

I have been to dinner with a few friends and met one very interesting person who sat across from me but seemed uninterested. Through the course of events we started chatting and somehow strangely enough, when I looked down, there it was, sitting right in front of me on the table, facing me, but strategically placed just slightly too far from me to seem like it was put there for me to see. You know, like if I wanted it I could take it, but if I didn’t, I could pretend not to see it.

I pretended not to see it. I was actually very confused.

This guy was friends with all the other people at the table so I don’t think he would have put it there for anyone else? Or maybe it was for the waiter… I don’t know, and honestly, I didn’t like it just sitting there without being explained.

Why do they do it? Are they showing off their highly regarded professional title at the company they are employed at, or do they want me to be impressed by the fact that they even have a card? I have never had my own business cards, and even if I did, I doubt that I would be handing them out for personal purposes. So then they must expect me to use it for business. One day then, one day boy.

So that is what doesn’t impress me.

On the other hand, what does impress me, is when a guy is straightforward enough to just tell me that he would like to see me again and ask how he could get in touch with me. Even if it is just to be friends. There are many options, whether it is Facebook, or email or personal number… I am never rude about it, and if I am unconvinced about the situation then he can have my email address only or I will ask him to rather give me his number until I am ready to be friends. Since I often meet interesting people through friends, the best way is to find something we have in common, tell me you want to talk to me more often, and even though we might only see each other in that environment (with friends) we can still get to know each other better. I like to be friends first. And that’s how you treat new friends, you TELL them you enjoyed their company / view on life / share similar interests and then you find a way to stay in contact. Without being weird about it. Without “showing” them your card or hinting that they should stalk you to find you.

I miss pick-up lines, even between friends they can be so funny.

Now we get to the dates topic…

Guys don’t often ask girls on dates anymore. Except for my BFF here in Dubai, he is one of the few, and he is only a friend, so we can talk about how things work. He took my number straight away after we had a very interesting conversation and share similar interests, and we both decided to be friends.

It is safer for guys to tell a girl “we should hang out” than to tell her “I would like to take you out”.

And it is easier for the girl to say “sure” for that casual offer. There are no expectations, and less pressure even though it is the exact same thing but only costs less. It often entails having ice cream or watching a movie or just having coffee.

You could call that a casual meet up. The bill gets split. This is how friendships develop or nothing at all. I have had job interviews like this (Like the above mentioned coffee meet up, not the movie! and except the only difference is that the interviewee almost always pays)

It is so easy for either party to decide to back out and never call again if it was that horrible.

How do you know if it is a date? He uses the words “I would like to take you out”

You have longer notice than only two days. He picks you up, he brings you flowers if he is awesome and he gets the door. (actually they should always get the door if it is a date or not) and he pays, and even if she offers he refuses to let the girl pay.

He thanks her the next day for her company and stays in contact.

By doing this the guy makes his intentions known, and still is comfortable enough if he gets let down or if he doesn’t feel it worked.

If it worked there are more dates, and two happy people. 🙂

I have had a very funny situation. The “we should get together” invitation from a friend was so casual, sooo informal, that I arrived with an entourage of friends only to find that his entourage was not there… It would have been a date if he had put any emphasis on “I would like to take YOU out”. Haha!

Why do dates make me so nervous!!!

Who of you still takes girls out on proper dates and what is your opinion about it?

Or if you are a lady, how often do guys just want to “hang out casually” and does it ever end up in a date?

I need to get to the bottom of this 😛


Two Yacht Parties!!


This weekend was insanely awesome. I have never been invited to a yacht party before this weekend, and I sommer had two – one on Friday and the other one on Saturday, a surprise birthday party for Talyssa.

It was so much fun, and it is definitely a great way to meet new people, be outside and have a jol!

I will start with the most recent, and also the most fun 😀

Talyssa’s Birthday!

It was a more intimate party between a group of people that all had one thing in common: they love Tee! I think we might have been 26 people in total, including the DJ, a photographer and bar staff. So it was a really nice mix of people from literally all over the world, and the music was so good!

Nelani (the bestie) did most of the organizing for the party and it was a huge success. We helped to tie the baloons to the rails on the top deck and then hid inside to wait for Tee who was told they were only going out for dinner… I think it is such a cool surprise to see all your friends at the same time for your birthday. “Surprise!!!”

Then the music started and we all partied upstairs/outside on the top deck for the whole evening. It was hot but still was a perfect evening,  I met the most amazing people, and danced and partied and just admired the beautiful setting we had: Dubai’s skyline, the ocean, city lights and lots of smiling faces.

I chatted to another guy from Cape Town who made the term Ayoba cool even before MTN started their campaign.

I also met a guy who grew up in Hollywood. I told him that he must be famous then. So I have a famous friend now, and he said we will be BFFs from now on haha and have cook-off competitions 😀 exciting!

I met a couple from PE!!

I met a Gambian girl… (Where is Gambia you might ask? Somewhere in West Africa, near Senekal I was told)

A really sweet girl from Zim!

Someone born in Paris…

A really awesome Scottish girl…

A tall basketball player who invited me to her team 😀

I am pretty sure one of the guys said he was from Syria?

It was insane, I can’t even remember where everyone was from because my little mind was blown even in the beginning of the evening.

I wish I had my costume, because later when the boat had parked in the middle of nowhere in the ocean people started jumping from the top deck into the ocean… and I LOVE jumping into the ocean!! The previous night (at the other yacht party) nobody swam so I didn’t think to pack my cozzy and felt very sad 😦

It reminded me of the time my old school friends Shael and Stephan took me to jump off the cliffs into the ocean at Gordons Bay and the adrenaline rush was insane, and I actually really miss doing that. Going on my list of things to do again when I eventually go home. And get a one piece costume in order not to lose anything…

I loved standing at the front of the boat having the wind blow in my face… I love this warm weather!!

Nelani got Tee a huge bday card (from Spinneys!!) which was almost a metre wide! We all signed the card for her and there was a lovely red velvet cake with white chocolate frosting. And we mostly had Champagne or Patrone, it was so good.

It is such a cool crowd of people, and so easy to talk to.

When we got back at the Marina, all our shoes were neatly lined in a row on the walkway, it was so sweet. I did not have my camera as I forgot my memory card at work! SAD face!

The other yacht party was not really on my calender – I thought one is enough for a while – but I was a bit jealous when I heard that all my other friends were planning on going on this big yacht event hosting 160 people. But to my surprise a friend phoned me the night before to tell me that she had injured her ankle and wanted to give me her ticket to the big party! I was a little taken aback, got very excited but also felt really bad for her ankle! Shame she has her whole leg in a cast now and has to walk with crutches. I took her some food as she can’t really do much, but at least she is okay. I don’t like it when my friends are hurt, so I always want to fix things even when I can’t.

This yacht party had a beach theme, and our friends got us flower leis to wear so we would fit in. Jana came to my apartment for some Rosé before we shared a cab with Jurie & Ivis down to the Marina. This boat was huge!! And there were so many South Africans, so I guess the party was in Afrikaans mostly. It was so much fun and we danced langarm for the first time in Dubai! I danced with a random guy i met there who danced so well, I miss all my sokkie friends from home so much!

I also met a lot of interesting people and hope to see them all again soon.

It was open bar all night, but knowing that I had another yacht party the next evening I had to drink loads of water and not a lot of alcohol and I really enjoyed it all just the way it was. Haha I ordered a glass of water from the barman the one time and he must have misheard me and took the bottle of Vodka! NOOOOO I said WATER haha! I am not Russian!

We drove past the twisty tower (Cayan Tower for the architect friends) so many times, right underneath it! It is so cool, the tallest high rise in the world to make a 90 degree twist. See photo, tower on the left.


It was quite scary going back to the Marina as it had become high tide and the bridge was extremely low all of a sudden, we all had to sit down on the floor to make sure we don’t bump our heads! And so many people had a bit too much to drink, I was a little scared, but luckily nobody got hurt.

Anyways that was my weekend, really a lot of amazing new friends and experiences for me!

This morning I got in the lift with a girl who also stays on my floor, and we walked to the metro together and started chatting, she is a school teacher and also my age, really sweet girl. It is so good to have a friend on my floor, she took my number and we might start sharing cabs to church on Fridays as she said she has also been to Well of Life before. I have no idea how we got onto this topic, I might have still been sleepwalking I was so tired haha. Now I don’t have to go to church alone anymore, I hate going alone when I am the new girl!

Dubai is a city where nobody is really from here so making friends comes naturally for most people I think. My kind of people exactly.

One of the biggest reasons why I love Dubai so much. If Dubai was a person, it would be a very loud charismatic, friendly, beautiful woman with a huge smile and lots of sparkly jewellery and big hair. The biggest hair in the world. 😉


Snow Fun in the Desert

Calming myself down before the biggest stunt of my life :D

Calming myself down before the biggest stunt of my life 😀

Today is the mark of the beginning of month THREE in Dubai and I absolutely love it here! My friends back home are worried that I might not return…

I have had an excuse everytime someone mentions something about SkiDubai, but only because I didn’t want to spend too much in the beginning months here. And I knew SkiDubai is not going away!

But paging through my Entertainer Vouchers Book that HSBC gave me upon joining, I found a two for one SkiDubai offer.

I think after getting our second salaries, the finances seemed more stable too.

So Jana and I got ourselves excited for skiing! Her younger cousin (19) had some experience and would join us.

I have never been snowboarding or skiing before, and for some reason snowboarding sounded like an amazing idea. Maybe because I used to skateboard with my younger brother when I was a teenager (I was such a tomboy).  And maybe because I learnt to surf and snowboarding sort of uses the same techniques? No it doesn’t.

Either way,  we freaked out and decided to go on a Wednesday after work and stay until 11pm closing time. It was still busy but I think the weekend might have been crazy.

I was going crazy with excitement, Jana seemed cool and her cousin just laughed at us. We got the gear from them, only needed our own gloves and if you want, a beanie. I made sure to pack some tissues for the runny noses. I would make such a good mom!

I hadn’t really listened when Jana told me she has done this before. I was the only newbie, and refused to go for lessons. There is a beginners/discovery course for an hour and a half. That sounded excruciating and sounded like NO FUN at all. A few friends told me before the time that I have to do the lessons, there is no way I can just go in and be a pro. Whatever.  Pro’s don’t need practice.

It only hit me when we were on the 4seater cable lift right to the very top of the 85m mountain slope that I had no idea how to snowboard. I had the snowboard strapped to my feet and it felt like a block of cement and I was about to get pushed into the ocean. Fureaked out.
Anyway the cousin said we will get off the seat and try to keep your balance as you slide down onto the top of the slope. I made it perfectly fine! See I am a pro! Bumped into the wall though but didn’t fall. Jana bumped into the wall too and then fell over haha. She chose to ski, and shame it looked so difficult to get up, using those two thin poles to help you up. Her cousin Riaan couldn’t stop laughing. He had his GoPro strapped to his helmet (we didn’t bring helmets?!!!) and was filming all of this.

But then I saw how extremely steep the slope was and realised I had no idea how to stop or turn?

Riaan tried to explain but it all just sounded like theory and he was speaking too fast for my panicking brain to even take anything in.

I sat down on my bum in the snow. How was I going to do this!!

I decided I would just go for it and fall into the snow. That’s the only way. So I started and fell backwards, maybe four times. My hands had started to hurt already, and Riaan was laughing but he was patient and tried to explain a few things.

Jana just went for it. Ski’d down like someone who has done this before! Unfair.

Until she fell at the landing. Haha. This became the routine, watch someone go, and then laugh at them fall at the landing.

I got brave and went for it. I fell so damn hard on my back that I bounced. I was out of breath.

I kept going really fast, noticing that I am heading for the fence and then fall. I fell so hard, so many times, fell on my face, on my stomach, on my back, on my sides, flipped over and the snow is not soft! It is like hard ice really.

Except for all the pain, the snowboarding was amazing, and once you get it right, it is so exciting. And we laughed so much that my stomach hurt.

I think the funniest was when Jana did a complete forward summersault (by accident) and her one ski went flying. I so badly wish I caught this on video. The GoPro’s memory was full by then.

Even after getting home I couldn’t stop laughing at this specific incident.

I wish I had gone for lessons.

I could only take the lift up three times until I could no longer see this as fun, I was shaking from the shock of the injuries (and I wasn’t cold) I had snow down my pants and my gloves were soaked and frozen.

My knees and palms felt bruised and I was just over it.
Couldn’t find the others so I just left to get dressed and lick my wounds.

It was such a cool experience, and I can imagine that if you are confident it would be so much fun.

The next morning I woke up with extremely sore muscles all over and bruised knees and hands and a big black bruise on my bum. NOT FUN. And I still had to go to work.

Haha I had to take one of the sample boxes to the back – it was a big cardboard box with a few small items inside, very, very light, but I could hardly pick the box up and was struggling when one of the guys came to help me. I could not explain why I was struggling with a box that hardly weighed anything! How embarrassing! I then realised why my arms were so sore, it was from picking myself up every time I fell down, and from buffering the impact of the fall.

The next day I had intense rib pain which lasted a whole day, my paranoia convinced me I had a bruised rib, but in the end I figured it was only a muscle.

Then yesterday I woke up with shoulder pain, and the pain was so bad I could not lift my arm. So after spending the day with my friend’s mother and worrying about the pain that even painkillers couldn’t still, she took me to the hospital for X-rays. She dropped me off so I was alone for the evening and felt a little deserted and sad. Wished anyone was with me.

The doctor cheered me up and made a joke about my crying. The X-rays came back normal, so he told me it is just a bad muscle injury in my shoulder. I would see a pediator and a physio after two weeks of taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories and wearing a sling.

I have been to work today, didn’t wear the sling because I hate the colour.

It is the colour of grandma’s panties. How can I wear that if it reminds me of ouma panties? They had no other colour… so I am still contemplating maybe wearing it tomorrow and covering it with a pashmina. I also don’t want people to know about my arm… I feel like such a wimp. But it hurts so much, I had to go home after half a day because I could not draw with my left hand. I am right handed and it is the right shoulder that I hurt.

At the hospital I had to sign my name with my leftie and the lady next to me was laughing at how pathetic I was. At first I laughed but then I started crying again. Felt so sorry for myself. I didn’t mean to make her feel bad about laughing but I was just so over tired and in pain and lonely. She rubbed my back and said she was sorry. I laughed and cried at the same time and then took the train home. People give their seats away quickly when they see you are injured! Still not gonna convince me to wear that sling…

Anyways I am home now, made some amazing mushroom soup from my new recipe book, and I have a skype date.

I made the soup with one hand and then took a long nap.

Let’s see how work goes tomorrow.

Lesson of the month: TAKE SKI LESSONS if you are new.

I will definitely be going again, and just need to recover, then I will take the long boring lessons.

I am brave like that. Or I’m just a sucker for punishment.

Something else fun over the weekend: We went to Hard Rock Café with a few friends and I loved it so much!

I was with two other couples. I love my friends but it is difficult when I only see couples and love and I am the only single lady to come to Dubai with no husband… Dubai is so romantic, so beautiful, and I think it would be really special to have someone special to share this with!

Then the next evening I had a wine evening with the two “single” girls, the one girl’s boyfriend lives in Germany. We had so much fun and later went out to the most beautiful restaurant ever. It is a Lebanese restaurant in Madinat Jumeirah called “Times of Arabia” and it overlooks the water and it has a lot of lanterns and carpets for décor. My friend had a shisha and we had some hummus and flatbreads and olives. And we had some cocktails.

Oooh I went to a new church on Friday, Well of Life and I loved it so much. They will definitely see more of me.

That’s it, the typing is making my shoulder hurt so I will say goodnight beautiful Dubai.

A chance at something good.


I made so much effort with my google+ blog, which got so many views in the first week it was insane, but it broke my heart not to get ANY comments… Though I thought I fixed it twice, I finally learnt that Google+ forces the readers to sign up on Google+ (we all hate being forced to sign up for stuff!!!) and obviously no one could comment without doing that! So gladly, I have now relocated to WordPress. YAY for comments, freedom for all!!!

I have a lot of news to type, and will get started this weekend as soon as I learn the new interface and find a cool template. As long as the material is there, I have a blog to work with, and I am excited!